Marital problems

One of the leading reasons for divorces and misunderstandings in marriage sos the lack of patience and communication. Everyone is a certain expectation of the other person but unwilling to get into a conversation about that, or each party feels hindered. Some times our ego gets the best of us or our emotions.

“ I won’t message until he/she does first”, what an immature childish way of thinking. Instead of taking the upper road and courage to take the first step. We let this mundane reasons hold us back to making our relationships and marriage work. And at the end of the day a couples divorce over small things like food, ridiculous yes.

We humans are not perfect hence should remember not to try and reach perfection. Also competition is sometimes not good. Comparing yourself to others or other coupla os a plain to failure. Allah has bestowed different thing to different people. Remember that not everyone is the same.

Sometimes wives compare themselves to other wives and start getting envious as to why they do mother what those women have from their husbands. Which results to resentment on the part of the wife. Not realizing that one needs to have contentment of heart.

Marital issues

  1. Communication skills
    Couples who lack communication skills tend to have a broken relationship. This includes listening skills. Learning to listen to each other and talking in a calm manner.
  2. Loyalty and honesty
    Couples who hide things from each other end up loosing faith in themselves and their partners. Being honest with your spouse increased the love and strengthen the bond. Do not knowingly or unknowingly create doubts in ur spouses.
  3. Opportunity
    Couples should give opportunities to their spouses. Benefit of the doubt. Learn how your spouses likes and dislikes and work with them. Some if these dislikes may change with time and growth. Give ur partner the same opportunity you need.
  4. Deen
    A marriage that lacks deen tends to fall short. Dont be a selfish spouse when it comes to deen. Teach your spouse about what you learn at the lectures. Initiate daily recital of the Quran and Dua. Practice praying together etc.
  5. Togetherness
    Being together in a marriage can mean alot of things. Spend time with your spouse. Eat together, cook together, be a child with your spouse but when she needs her man be him as well.
  1. Love
    To love someone means to love for them what you love for yourself. Show kindness and respect. Be attentive and acknowledge each others existence. Be mindful of each others experiences. You may come from the same culture but you were raised in two different environments.
  2. Participating
    I say this with care… participate in your spouses life, whether in their goals, or just daily tasks. Be aware of them. Participating in daoly house chores to activities. Participating in building dreams together and achieving daily tasks and yearly goals. Be there for each other when one needs another. Participating mean to give your time and attention to your spouse in a way that will create closeness.

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