Getting married today seems to be very difficult in the Muslim community , but the most struggling part is finding the right partner.

From family acceptance ( racist problems) , right personality to good chemistry and proper ahlaq with good Adab ( manners). Completing half your deen is supposed to be soo simple and easy, especially when following the Sunnah. Not worrying about anything since Allah is the provider.

Marriage is worship / Ibadah, and is to be for the sake of Allah first and foremost where love and mercy and the foundation.

There are far too many sites and apps today that promis you a spouse, but after so many swipes and interests nothing seems to come through since you have to pay on top of that which can be frustrating.

Proper understanding of deen and good manners should come first , but don’t forget personality and good chemistry since that also matters how you carry yourself in the journey of marriage.

1 marriage in islam is the most simplistic of things to go through.
You meet someone you like and the first thing you do is ask your 21 questions of the most obvious important things in life. How one identifies themselves, carry themselves, what they are seeking, if they want kids, are they willing to change ( loose some habbits) how they plan to live life Ofcoarse measuring your chemistry. As long as it all ties to quran and sunnah. If she wants to work or not.
It can literally take 3 days, a week, month 3 months max to know and decide. 6 months to a year is just too much. If he she reminds you of allah and your satisfied then continue forward.

2 dating has no place in islam, we court meaning we ( both parties) always bring a member of the family when courting. If that is a possibility. If not then be responsible for yourselves and know allah is watching ( bring a friend). How ever dont drag the talking phase, when satisfied with each other hasten to the masjid to tie the knot.

3 you both need to put the effort, as a man you neeed to step up and be the head protector caregiver provider, your wife is a trust, dont abuse. As the wife you need to follow and be obedient, be not ungrateful. You can have your views about something talk it over and dont spite each other. Dont test the man. Spice up your intimacy.
Marriage is an ibadah so dont compare it to hollywood or bollywood. It is a duty And obligation on worshiping allah and expanding humanity. Do not manipulate each other using religion. Read more books on islam. To strengthen your marriage.

4 NEVER mix islamic culture with ethnic culture and never confuse the two. Ive seen many confuse “deen” ( islamic culture) with “culture”( ethnic culture).
Islam has its own way of things, wether your desi arab somali slavic italian, cut off from the ethnic/ racial culture and lean on islamic culture. Families screw up blessings just coz Of Qabil/kabil/ tribe.
Follow the sunnah

Welcome to our community where you don’t have to pay for anything and may Allah guide to Complete half your Deen Biidhnilah

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Cal me MJ, Sal, MJ or edy for short, born and raised in Zanzibar, Cambridge and Boston for some parts in my life. Islam and traveling are my top passions among others. Marine is my new found love. So if you ever want to visit dolphins in an ethical tour contact me

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