Most often we tend to seek characteristics and similarities in our potential spouses in the hopes that the marriage will be prosperous. With out realizing deen is the foundation and the possibility of things working out, we end up turning the other way.

Hé/she is not the same race, does not like the same things you do. So what possible things could you share. Well you both share a culture in islam. And yes there are some things spouses must share, such as view points or outlook of life. How they plan to navigate on the journey they will set off on. One must not necessarily have to like jello to be a perfect match. So it’s importas t to lay out the cards before even moving a step ahead. Take time to reflect on those traits before making a decision, since you may end up discovering you appeal to some of this traits after reflection.

Always use the foundations of Islam apart from personality, to judge weather the individual is good for you in this world and if they will help you reach Jannah.

Renee that race should not be a factor in marriage unless it’s preference which is not a problem. Since it is alway good to mix blood.

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Cal me MJ, Sal, MJ or edy for short, born and raised in Zanzibar, Cambridge and Boston for some parts in my life. Islam and traveling are my top passions among others. Marine is my new found love. So if you ever want to visit dolphins in an ethical tour contact me

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