Origin of iron

We sent Our messengers with clear signs, the Scripture and the Balance, so that people could uphold justice: We also sent iron, with its mighty strength and many uses for mankind, so that God could mark out those who would help Him and His messengers though they cannot see Him. Truly God is powerful, almighty. Q(57:25)


Side note: balance must be upheld in life and existence. Too much of anything is not good, hence in the simple yet comprehensive statement or wording, we need balance in our lives, in religion, and everything we do. Balance is the center of everything. How the mountains are set, how the earth orbits, how we remain happy with instances of sadness, how intimacy is needed to balance mental health, or food in the body in regards to certain elements with in nutrients (balanced diet).

We are given reference of a substance which after a long time believed ti be part of the earth, when in reality a fusion of the heavens and the earth ( substantially from space landing on earth)

A reminder that islam ( quran) does not only pertain to the hereafter but also the history of our world and universe as we known it. May allah increase us in knowledge and give us the thirst to learn and seek truth

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