How to be muslim

Simply accept with your mind and heart whole heartedly, believing that and uttering with your tongue that there is no god but god who is worthy of worship and that Muhammad peace be upon him is the last and final prophet and messenger of god.

Understanding that the quran the last testament brought forth for mankind to follow in the hopes of achieving salvation. And that as a muslim ( one who submits to god) you/ we should work hard to serve as well as worship god by following his commandments.

Ash hadu an La ilaha ila llah wa ash hadu wa anna muhammad rasulullah

Published by unplugy0urself

Cal me MJ, Sal, MJ or edy for short, born and raised in Zanzibar, Cambridge and Boston for some parts in my life. Islam and traveling are my top passions among others. Marine is my new found love. So if you ever want to visit dolphins in an ethical tour contact me

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