Sahih al-Bukhari 5640

Narrated `Aisha:

(the wife of the Prophet) Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “No calamity befalls a Muslim but that Allah expiates some of his sins because of it, even though it were the prick he receives from a thorn.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 5641, 5642

Narrated Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri and Abu Huraira:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 5645

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 5647

Narrated `Abdullah:

I visited the Prophet (ﷺ) during his ailments and he was suffering from a high fever. I said, “You have a high fever. Is it because you will have a double reward for it?” He said, “Yes, for no Muslim is afflicted with any harm but that Allah will remove his sins as the leaves of a tree fall down.”

Unfortunately when it comes to traditional muslim society, depression can be a big stigma. Believing that depression stems from having a weakness of spiritual belief or conviction in one’s belief, so often viewed in the negative. Not realizing that even our beloved prophet pbuh went through depression, commonly referred to as ” ammal huzn” the year of sadness after his uncle and wife passed away.

It is important that Muslims turn away from this stigma and realize that depression is not what they believe it to be, also try to understand the concept of mental health

Depression can be caused by any particular reason, sometimes avoidable by not comparing one self to others, or having a good and positive group of people that surround and motivate you to be the best version of yourself and not constantly reminding you of your flaws.

(Reported by Ahmad, 5/278; al-Tirmidhi, 3039; Saheeh al-Jaami, 5231).

A man should not make his wife angry if he sees in her something that he dislikes, because if he dislikes one of her characteristics, he will like another, so he should balance the two. The Prophet SAWS (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: No believing man should hate a believing woman: if he dislikes one of her characteristics, he will like another.

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