Terms of la ilaha ilallah

These are the terms and conditions for submission to the will of god. Merely saying “i believe” just wont cut it. Imagine yourself as someone who has been given a gift, but it is too good to just keep it to yourself so you have the need to share it to the world.

How ever there are those who would try to stop you from sharing that gift. A gift of liberation development inspiration and enlightenment.

So imagine these terms and conditions are for that gift, there are conditions that you need to take and follow in order to properly receive it , hold on to it and share it.

Published by unplugy0urself

Cal me MJ, Sal, MJ or edy for short, born and raised in Zanzibar, Cambridge and Boston for some parts in my life. Islam and traveling are my top passions among others. Marine is my new found love. So if you ever want to visit dolphins in an ethical tour contact me

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