Below are the commandments in quran

Some teachings of Qur’an

Don’t lie (Q22:30)
Don’t spy (Q49:12)
Don’t insult (Q49:11)
Don’t waste (Q17:26)
Feed the poor (Q22:36)
Don’t backbite (Q49:12)
Keep your oaths (Q5:89)
Don’t take bribes (Q27:36)
Honour your treaties (Q9:4)
Restrain your anger (Q3:134)
Don’t spread gossip (Q24:15)
Think good of others (Q24:12)
Be good to guests (Q51:24-27)
Don’t harm believers (Q33:58)
Don’t be rude to parents (Q17:23)
Turn away from ill speech (Q23:3)
Don’t make fun of others (Q49:11)
Walk in a humble manner (Q25:63)
Respond to evil with good (Q41:34)
Don’t say what you don’t do (Q62:2)
Keep your trusts & promises (Q23:8)
Don’t insult others’ false gods (Q6:108)
Don’t deceive people in trade (Q6:152)
Don’t take items without right (Q3:162)
Don’t ask unnecessary questions (Q5:101)
Don’t be miserly nor extravagant (Q25:67)
Don’t call others with bad names (Q49:11)
Don’t claim yourselves to be pure (Q53:32)
Speak nicely, even to the ignorant (Q25:63)
Don’t ask for repayment for favours (Q76:9)
Make room for others at gatherings (Q58:11)
If enemy wants peace, then accept it (Q8:61)
Return a greeting in a better manner (Q4:86)
Don’t remind others of the favours you done to them(Q2:264)
Make peace between fighting groups (Q49:9)

The best rewarding messages you can ever send are words of Allah and divine moral teachings. Ameen

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